Proudly serving the City of Thomasville, GA and Thomas County, GA since 1917, we are the oldest Ford Dealership in the area. Also serving Quitman, Moultrie, Bainbridge, Cairo, Camilla and surrounding counties in Georgia, plus we welcome and serve customers from North Florida including Tallahassee, Madison, Monitcello, & Quincy.

At Thomasville Ford You Have The Right.....

To Receive Ethical, Informative, and Positive Advertising.

NO hype, NO gimmicks, NO dog and pony shows. We say honesty is the best policy. Legendary ad man David Ogilvy says, “Never write an advertisement that you wouldn’t want your family to read. You don’t tell lies to your own wife, don’t tell them to mine.”

To Be Respected and Never Be Taken for Granted. You will receive prompt and courteous service, never pushy, you will never be hassled into purchasing any of our products.

To Work With A Professional and Knowledgeable Sales Consultant. You will be greeted by a certified, competent, trained consultant who has been taught to listen in order to solve your problems Never evasive or stock answers. You will receive the security of knowing we believe the customer is always right. We believe that it is easier on everybody to let you buy on your terms, instead of trying to “sell” you.

To Clear, Concise, and Factual Information About Products, Services, Prices, and Policies. You deserve to receive all the information necessary to make your decision. That means being generous with information. This means full disclosure on every detail of the transaction: financing, leasing options, and most of all price. Valdosta Toyota/Scion believes that you have the right to get a real price quote on any new or pre-owned vehicle, right up front on demand and in writing. You will not be gouged on any product or service. If we wouldn’t charge our mother, we won’t charge you.

To Receive Uncompromising Levels of Cleanliness, Promptness, and Friendliness.

On Promptness: Attentive to your needs from incoming phone calls to on time promises on any service work, we won’t make you wait.

On Friendliness: We don’t train people to be friendly. We hire friendly people.

On Cleanliness: Some businesses wait until it’s dirty before they clean it, for you comfort our dealership is always clean. You will be encouraged to complain if we fail in attaining any of your rights. The customer who ”tells it like it is” is our best client.

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